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Bob Lee and Tom Capasso formed Acoustic Color in 2012.  They knew each other from playing as part of the Creative Ministries "Journey" theater troupe, and decided to expand their musical horizons by playing in a duo.


Acoustic Color shows are fun and engaging!! The energy level is always high and the audience feels the band's enthusiasm.  The duo performs in coffee houses, restaurants, private parties, and wherever the opportunity to make music arises.


Their music is an appealing mixture that leans heavily on 60s and 70s, but also includes many unexpected tunes.  They cover such diverse artists as Macy Gray, Alan Jackson, Harold Arlen, and the Smothers Brothers - with a sprinkling of their own compositions that fit well with their repertoire. The styles range from ballads to rockers, and the combination of unique arrangements and interesting harmonies makes Acoustic Color something special. 

Bob Lee (guitar) has been playing with many different people over the years (including jamming at many company functions).

Tom Capasso (bass) plays in church, in rock bands at work, and spent 20 happy years in the classic rock band Stonefly.  He also served for 8 years as moderator for Bass Player magazine's on-line forum.  Tom loves to add "extras" to the music - playing cowbell (with a foot pedal), kazoo, bells, etc.

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